Harvest Classic 2012

So a few days after the Barber Vintage Festival we decided we would head down to Luckenbach, TX for the Harvest Classic which fell that following weekend. I didn’t even unload the van from Barber. Kate and I picked up Kit early Saturday morning (around 4 am) and we pointed the van towards Austin.

Once again, the drive was very uneventful. Skyler and his wife Tori had left the previous night on his Thruxton and stopped at a hotel about 60 miles away from Luckenbach. Once we got east of Austin and into the gorgeous landscape of the hill country it was marvelous. I love that area. I’d live there in a heartbeat. The roads are nice. The views are spectacular. It’s beautiful country.

Once we started to get closer, we started seeing more and more bikes, including LOTS of old Airheads.

Once we got into the event area the first thing we see is this guy just hanging out.

And Kit couldn’t contain his excitement.

And then this guy popped up…

We got all unloaded and camp setup and ran our bikes over to the bike show. We were denied registration as we were four minutes late. FOUR MINUTES!!? I was a tiny bit bummed, but we just parked our bikes just outside the show area and got some good attention anyway ;)

Later on we decided to fix a little exhaust leak on the RD400 so I sent Kate to get it, but of course not start it. So she pushed it back while Skyler’s wife Tori steered. This was Tori’s first time behind the controls of a motorcycle. She did well and everyone seemed to get a kick out of a couple of a couple of girls pushing this gnarly bike through the crowd.

Once night fell we just relaxed in our campsite with some drinks. We scrounged some firewood from what appeared to be a trash pile that also had remnants of a recently cut down tree. We built a fire pit from large stones we’d gathered from the dried up creek bed next to where we were camping.

Then a drunken Skyler climbed a tree.

After a bit, Kit decided we should go take some photos of the RD400 in the Luckenbach “town center.” While I was moving the bike into position, he noticed a girl walking by that was modeling items for the auction earlier that day. He asked her if she would like to take some photos, which she was happy to do.

Then we went and snapped a few next to the Harvest Classic banner.

The next morning we loaded up most of the gear and got ready for a little ride on this beautiful road that went past the event site. The ride was abruptly ended when Kit dumped his bike and tweaked the bars. There was a guy on the side of the road with his hood up, and Kit quickly pulled over to see if he needed help. There’s almost NO shoulder on this road so as soon as he hit dropped off the edge of the road he hit some wet grass and the bike just buckled underneath him. Luckily he was going very slowly so it was more of a soft topple. But it was enough to bend his bars a bit. So he and I headed back to the van and waited for the others to return.

After that we loaded up the van and headed North! It was a fun little trip. In the end I wish we would have rode it, but I just don’t quite trust the RD400 yet. Next year… next year. :)

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Icon Elsinore Boots

So a few weeks back I ordered a pair of Icon’s new (unreleased) Elsinore boots from their Icon 1000 line.

Well they just came in. And apparently they arrived earlier than expected at the Moto Liberty, so the guy told me I’m probably the first guy in Texas to have them. Wooooo!

Anyway. On to first impressions. They’re very well done. Very solid. They have a nice little ankle pad that wraps around the ball of your ankle. They zip up snug, and of course the straps on the front are adjustable to get a tighter fit.

The bottom is very rigid. There’s no real flex in your foot. Although the boot in general is pretty stiff, there is still some flexible motion front to back, so they should still be very functional on the bike.The liner is quite comfortable as well. I’m wearing short socks at the moment with these boots on, and my legs aren’t being scratched or annoyed by the liner or any seams. The sipper does have a little flap on the inside so nothing gets trapped while doing them up.

So far I’m quite pleased with them. I’ll post an update once I’ve had a chance I get them broke in a little.

I’ve had them for a few days and have posted new findings here:
Icon Elsinore Boots: 300 Mile Review

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Meetup in Austin

Hey boys and girls. I’ll be in Austin for Rockers vs Mods Austin next weekend and would love to chat it up. I’ll have the Beemer there. If you’re going, let me know by shooting me an email from the form on the right or by joining the Facebook Group

Hope to see some of you out there!

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