Icon Elsinore Boots

So a few weeks back I ordered a pair of Icon’s new (unreleased) Elsinore boots from their Icon 1000 line.

Well they just came in. And apparently they arrived earlier than expected at the Moto Liberty, so the guy told me I’m probably the first guy in Texas to have them. Wooooo!

Anyway. On to first impressions. They’re very well done. Very solid. They have a nice little ankle pad that wraps around the ball of your ankle. They zip up snug, and of course the straps on the front are adjustable to get a tighter fit.

The bottom is very rigid. There’s no real flex in your foot. Although the boot in general is pretty stiff, there is still some flexible motion front to back, so they should still be very functional on the bike.The liner is quite comfortable as well. I’m wearing short socks at the moment with these boots on, and my legs aren’t being scratched or annoyed by the liner or any seams. The sipper does have a little flap on the inside so nothing gets trapped while doing them up.

So far I’m quite pleased with them. I’ll post an update once I’ve had a chance I get them broke in a little.

I’ve had them for a few days and have posted new findings here:
Icon Elsinore Boots: 300 Mile Review

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Getting To Know You….

I’ve spent the past few afternoons riding her around the neighborhood. It really is an amazing feeling now that I’ve gotten comfortable on her. It’s like a rush and total peace at the same time. I truly am addicted to riding her. However I am riding around on an unregistered bike, with no helmet, no motorcycle license, and no motorcycle insurance. It’s probably best I don’t fool around with her until I can make our union legal. Make an honest bike out of her. To the Bat Cave!

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