KZ650 Clubman Bars

Not a huge update. Just scored some clubman bars for the KZ for about 30 bucks at Bates. I also spotted another set of KZ carbs in a bin. Don’t need them, just thought it was funny they were sitting on top and I quickly recognized them.

I took it for a quick ride around the block. Completely changed the handling over the old Schwinn bars. Definitely a step in a good direction.

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CB360 Engine Work

Today we got Kate’s CB360 engine back from the “Soda Man” (as Kate likes to call him). There was so much nasty in the motor (and since I was splitting the case anyway) he actually bead-blasted it. The finish is amazing. Looks like fresh-cast aluminum and tastes great. (jk.. (or am I?)).

We also got a shipment of CB360 parts. New piston rings, wrist pins, wrist pin circlips, wheel bearings, headset bearings, carb rebuild kits, and a few other little treats. It was like motorcycle Christmas.

Soda Man cleaned up the carbs. Unfortunately they didn’t stay that pretty. Once I hit them with the chem-dip the tasty finish came right off. So in the future, the correct order is, chem-dip, soda blast, and then re-dip… (but in something that isn’t chem-dip).

I started disassembling carbs for the dip. Someday Kate will be doing things like this herself, but for now she’s keen to observe and learn.

As you can see, the carbs had some nasty on them.

Wouldn’t eat cereal outta these…

Tasty new stem bearings.

Kate with her freshly bearing’d stem. Now onto the headset bearings!

Kate hammered in the the races with a woodblock and hammer.

That’s about all we got up to. Weeee!

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R65 Head Removal

It’s the middle of November, and the week of Thanksgiving… So naturally, the moment I decide to start tearing my bike apart for it’s major overhaul, it ALSO happens to be like 80 degrees outside. It’s a beautiful day to be on the bike, and I’m dismantling it. Ok enough whining….

I started by dropping the drain plugs on the oil pan and tranny, then removed/drained the tank.

While the fluids drained, I thought I’d go ahead and take a break. Sam Adams style….

This is also a good time to bring up organization. I’ve gone a bit obsessive with my organization practice this time around. Everything labeled in ziplock bags.

Before you can pull the heads, you have to remove the carbs and the exhaust. The carbs are fairly simple. Just disconnect the throttle and choke cables, disconnect fuel lines, and loosen the hose connecting the carb to the head, and voila!

The exhaust… well… you’ll need this ugly scrap of metal. The finned exhaust wrench is available from a number of online BMW parts stores, including Capitol Cycle and San Jose…. Which.. funny story about San Jose… They charged me 25 bucks for UPS 2 day delivery, and then sent it USPS (which cost them 8 bucks) and it got lost. I never use USPS. I am willing to pay more for more reliable package delivery. So thanks, San Jose, for ripping me off.

The exhaust took a little bit of effort to get off due to it’s state of oldness. I also had some emotional support from my best friend Maverik.

I removed the valve cover, just as before in my post about my rocker arm replacement. With the rockers removed, you will now be able to pull the push rods and then wiggle the head off. One note on the rockers.. It’s not a bad idea to keep them together so the bearings don’t slide out. I’m actually unsure if this is really an issue with bearings in good condition, but I didn’t take any chances. I bound the rockers with some wire to keep them happy.

Again, I tagged and bagged every little nut and bolt. It’t turning into a bike in a box.

Be careful pulling the heads off, as you don’t want the pistons banging against the engine case when they slide out of the cylinder. My piston heads had quite a bit of carbon buildup.

A look inside the cylinder reveals some pretty funny cross hatch on the cylinder wall. Almost as though someone attempted to hone it, but suddenly realized they had no clue what they were doing and just stopped. There was also quite a bit of carbon buildup on the area around the valves. This will be sorted out at the machine shop.

I sat the heads aside while I cleaned up my work area. I then cleaned them up to prepare them for the machine shop on Monday.

More to come tomorrow.

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