Cafe Racer Battery Relocation

So I found a battery that was much smaller than the BMW gel battery that I was rocking. It’s a Jet Ski battery according to the website, but I picked it up at a Batteries Plus store. It’s the Odyssey PC545.

I worked out it would be the perfect size to slide under my seat hump and still provide adequate cranking power to turn over the Beemer. I think I paid like $130.00 and it came with a two year warranty. So I’ll update later as to whether it works out.

I started with some thinner aluminum sheet metal. I traced a rough (very rough) shape from the back of the hoop, and then cut it out with the sheers.

I picked these things up from Home Depot. They are genius. I’m using them to hold the plate on the hoop, since I don’t want to drill into my pretty frame.

Once the plate was mounted, I lined the battery up and drew a little line where the back of the battery sat. Then I used my Dremmel (with the GOOD cutting wheels) to cut a little whole for the strap to pass through. The battery sits a little further forward than I’d like. I’ll probably do another strap across the top going from side to side.

The battery mounted in place. Doesn’t look too bad.

I bought some 6g wire to lengthen the power and ground wires to the back. I messed up and only bought one set of circle connectors (the little end bits that the bolt goes through). I ran to Wal-Mart to try and find some more. I ended up seeing some battery cables that were the perfect length and 6g. So i bought them instead. (that 6g wire is hard to cut).

Everything all buttoned back up. Started right up. Charging fine. I will report later on when I can get some miles on her.

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Monday, August 1st, 2011 BMW Cafe Racer No Comments

A Few Pics

I still need to get rearsets and a smaller battery that will fit under the tailpiece.

Kate snapped this pic of me enjoying the ride. Can’t wait to get those rearsets thrown on there.

I’m going to try and get those rearsets ordered in the next day or two. I’ve just been lazy. It’s been so hot. And I’m practically useless as it is… so.. yeah.. stuff just isn’t getting done.. I know.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2011 BMW Cafe Racer No Comments

Transform and Roll Out!

So I’ve been riding the last few days. The bike has been quite good to me. There seems to still be something going on with the charging system, as the battery isn’t being fully charged. But I guess this all comes back to BMW’s decision to put a weak alternator on the bike. Add 30 years of wear. Recipe for disaster.

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 BMW Cafe Racer No Comments

Electric Six…. five.

So today I spent a little time familiarizing myself with the electrical side of the bike. Unfortunately most of the wires in the harness have been cut.. And new wires run all will-nilly to various parts of the bike. Some of the cut wires I suspect are things like sensors, etc… Things I’ll want to track down.

Thinking about building a custom panel where the speedo and tach will go with a little light cluster. That’s IF I can track down all of the wires. I ripped out what the previous guy had done. I will be replacing them eventually. Started to think about getting the motor out of there so I can get the frame powder coated. That part seems a little daunting to me at the moment. Especially since I want the bike done as soon as possible so I can ride it. But I guess it must be done.

Also I did get rid of that silly headlight thing. If I had to pick 10 things I hate most in the world that headlight would have probably found it’s way on the list somewhere.

Airbox and battery removed. I’m going to try and relocate the battery. Seems like most people tend to throw them under the gearbox, but I was always under the impression that batteries weren’t really supposed to be on their side. Something about the liquid inside covering the lead plates completely? Maybe you don’t have this problem with a new battery. I will look into it. I like that big space.

Man I hate that headlight.

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 BMW Cafe Racer No Comments

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