New Clipons!

So this is a pretty exciting day! I’ve always been a fan of how Woodcraft’s clipons. In my opinion they’re just some of the best looking bars. Like most manufacturers, they don’t make bars specifically for BMW controls (22mm). So you’re left having to turn the bars down yourself, either on a lathe or with sandpaper and elbow grease. I don’t have direct access to a lathe, and honestly, the tiny fraction of a difference between 7/8″ and 22mm doesn’t seem like much, but getting it filed down and perfectly round with sandpaper is a bear. I’ll never do it again.

So I contacted Woodcraft about doing some BMW-specific bars. They were happy to do a small run of them and I got the first set! For the most part, garage builders like myself are used to making things “work” when the need arises, but I just wanted to help make these bars a little more accessible to the BMW community.

So they arrived and they look awesome!! I can’t wait to get them on the bike.

I’ll take some better pictures and post them up when I get the front end all back together on the BMW. In the meantime, if you’re interested in BMW-specific (22mm) bars from Woodcraft, feel free to email me using the contact form in the sidebar. I’d like to hear from you as I’m trying to gauge interest in the bars as well. I’m not affiliated with Woodcraft. Just like their product and curious about other people’s interest in these bars.

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BMW Handlebars

If you’re reading this and you’re under the impression that 7/8″ handlebars are the same thing as 22mm handlebars, you are mistaken. I’ve come to find people often mistakenly mis-label 7/8″ bars as 22mm. They’re close, sure.. Only a thousandths of an inch difference… not much.. But on your BMW it does matter. Which is why ACTUAL 22mm bars exist. (not a lot). Let this post serve to raise awareness for this issue.

If you own a BMW and are looking to put new bars on, you will need to look for 22mm bars. And then VERIFY they are actually 22mm and not 7/8″. The person will probably tell you they are the same thing, but they are not. If you try and put stock BMW controls on a 7/8″ bar, you will most likely break your controls.

If you must purchase 7/8″ bars, you’ll need throw the bars on a belt sander and turn them down.. I did it by hand with a bit of sand paper on some aluminum bars and it took aaaaaages. Use power tools.

That is all.

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KZ650 Clubman Bars

Not a huge update. Just scored some clubman bars for the KZ for about 30 bucks at Bates. I also spotted another set of KZ carbs in a bin. Don’t need them, just thought it was funny they were sitting on top and I quickly recognized them.

I took it for a quick ride around the block. Completely changed the handling over the old Schwinn bars. Definitely a step in a good direction.

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 KZ650 Cafe Racer No Comments

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