Barber Vintage Festival

Barber Countdown!

Hey everybody. I’ve been a slow blogger lately as a result of being just stinking busy. I’ve barely even had time to make it out to the garage. I did want to share with you something fun that I’ve been working on, however.

I don’t talk very much about what I do professionally, as motorcycles are my “get away” from my other life as a computer nerd and photoshop sorcerer. It just so happens I’m just as passionate about web application development as I am about slinging wrenches on old scoots, so when an idea comes along that touches on both, I’ll usually make some time for it.

I present to you, Barber Countdown.

This was just a fun little project. Not affiliated with Barber Vintage Festival in any official capacity at all. It’s pretty simple. It’s just counting down until Barber Vintage Festival in October of 2014. An added functionality is you can follow @BarberCountdown on twitter to get a daily update of how much time you have remaining to get that hunk of iron in shape for the greatest motorcycle meetup on the planet. Another fun thing about this application is that you can tweet photos to @BarberCountdown of your build or prep process leading up to Barber. None of your photos are stored, and all information is pulled directly through Twitter’s API so I’m not hacking your Interwebs or anything. Go have a play with it, and feel free to send me any feedback (especially if you manage to break it).


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Atlanta to Alaska: An Adventure

So we’ve just returned from Barber Vintage Festival (which btw, ZOMG!!!!!), and we’re slowly acclimating back to our normal lives as contributors to society. I’m working on a post about this now with all of our Barber adventures, but I wanted to jump in really quickly to tell you about someone named Aurorah.

Kate bumped into Aurorah at Barber who was selling these awesome posters explaining the steps in a four-stroke motor. Kate being a designer and lover of motorcycles, she naturally threw a wad of sweaty cash at her and gleefully scooped up her posters. They now hang in our living room.

While they chatted, Aurorah told Kate about her plan to rebuild a CB350 and then ride it from her home in Atlanta to Alaska and back. She’s a film and animation nerd, so all of this will go into a documentary. I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE moto documentaries. But she needs our help. She’s currently in the final days of her kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Let’s help get this project off the ground!

Step 1:
Go check out her Kickstarter page and watch her video. Open your heart and your wallet and help make this happen. Click Here!

Step 2:
Go like her page on Facebook. Click Here!

Step 3:
Share this with all your friends.


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Another BMW R65

So this little guy fell in my lap and I had to move on it. It’s a 1979 BMW R65. I’ve got some fun plans for it. I’m also going to attempt to get it ridable before Barber (10 days away).

I’m still in the middle of work on my other R65, so I’m really picking a bad time to have another project lopped on my plate. Clearly I thrive on chaos. Stay tuned as I start picking through this guy.

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Monday, September 30th, 2013 BMW Cafe Racer No Comments

Updates on Life

So I’ve been blogging a lot less, lately. I think I bring this up every time I start to write anything. The summer got hot, and made garage time somewhat unenjoyable. But now I’m back at it. Barber Vintage Festival is just around the corner, and I’m trying to get the van ready while also doing some work on the BMW.

On top of that, work has been very busy. Top that off with the current (and final) season of Breaking Bad, and I’m a busy little bee. Don’t worry, though. Barber is coming soon. Motorcycle riding weather is upon us (in Texas). It’s about time to start dusting off those winter projects. Stay tuned!!

- Matt

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Barber Prep 2013

So we’re gearing up for Barber Vintage Festival 2013!!!

We’ve got kind of a laundry list of things we need to get done before it’s time to roll out. I feel like it’s going to be here before we know it and catch us unprepared.

Kate’s RD400 needs a few cosmetic things. Nothing major. I’m swapping the front end on the BMW with a one from an 87 Yamaha FZ600. My forks got damaged recently when I hit a curb trying to avoid getting rear ended at a turn (OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!). I had these air assisted forks laying around and realized they were the same diameter (36mm), so I figured, why not!? I’m also working on a cool half fairing for it. Not sure if I’ll be all finished in time for Barber for this part.

The van needs quite a bit of lovin’. We’ve made the last two trips to Barber with no AC in the van. That changes this year. We’ve put a whole new AC system in it. Riding in style. I’m also working on insulating the inside to keep all my fancy new cold air in.

I’ll keep updating this post as I go.

Here’s the progress on the van so far. (9/7)

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