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Barber Vintage Festival 2011

So my friend Skyler and I made it out to Barber this weekend for the 7th Annual Barber Vintage Festival. We had an absolutely amazing time. We got to meet up with a bunch of the guys from Do The Ton, and rub elbows with the guys from Dime City Cycles, the producer of Cafe Racer TV, and freaking Mark Wilsmore of Ace Cafe London.

Our bikes were entered in a cafe racer bike show. It was great to see everyone’s rides. So many amazing things turned up.

The bikes lined up for the cafe racer bike show at Barber Vintage Festival 2011

You can see the Beemer as well as Skyler's CB360

There were also vintage bike races. These were just awesome. 35 year old bikes screaming past… it got your heart racing. The vintage sidecar races were definitely my favorite.

(If you were in this particular race, I took quite a few photos. Contact me if you’d like them.)

A shot of our bikes Saturday night. Skyler’s bike is a 1974 CB360

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Killa Cycles Dallas

Killa Cycles is a custom motorcycle shop in Dallas. They build bikes and do custom coatings. Mainly exhaust coatings. I found them on Google when I was looking for someone to do some work on my tank. I was originally told it would take 3-4 weeks to get everything done in January, but it took until May to get it back. They told me they were in a bit of a transitional period… but that’s a bit of a stretch. It didn’t take long before I noticed the paint was bubbling really bad. Turns out they failed to seal the tank properly and fuel was leaking out and destroying the paint from inside out.

I contacted them and they informed me the guy that did the work no longer worked there and that they would have to “see what we could do…” Eventually they let me know they’d re-paint the tank if I covered the cost of materials. This was the beginning of September. I told them that would be fine as long as they can have it done quickly, as I needed to get the bike ready for Barber Vintage Festival on Oct 7th. They assured me it should only take a week but they would say two weeks for good measure…

I called around the start of week two to see where we were and they gave me some BS answer about how they haven’t been able to get to it, etc.. I explained to them the importance of it being ready for me to take it to Alabama to show. The guy was like, dude.. I’m trying to get it out to you. At this point I’m a little nervous. Another week goes by. Still nothing… Finally I call them and they tell me they were about to prime it and shoot it.. It would be ready the Monday before Barber to be painted.. I thought, that’s cutting it close.. I’m leaving Thursday.

Wednesday comes around and I tried texting the guy. No response. Tried calling his cell. No response. Called the shop. No response. I got in my car and drove 24 miles across town to their shop. He was standing there in the shop with the shop phone clipped on his belt cell phone on a table across from him. He looked a little nervous when I asked about the tank. He explained that it was still not ready. WHAT. In frustration I told the guy how disappointed I was, and let him know there were people that are watching my build. That this just doesn’t look good for their business. His response, “Man I’m on a whole other level. I don’t need them.” So there you go. He needs no customers to do business.

I packed everything up and left. The day before we were to leave for Barber, and I have no paint. Well.. luckily I have great friends. I posted up on Do The Ton and within minutes had a flurry of people offering up suggestions and one person in particular that told me to meet him at his work where he had a paint booth. Despite having a 3 month old at home, he stayed up until 3am helping me prep and paint my stuff. We got it all done in a night. One late night. And it looks fantastic.

So. If you need any sort of custom motorcycle work, custom coatings, custom paint, or anything of that nature and it is time-sensitive, DO NOT USE Killa Cycles in Dallas, TX. Unless of course you like shady work, flakey people, and a lack of concern for customer’s needs or timing.

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Packed For Barber

We’re all packed up and about to make the 750 mile journey to Barber Vintage Festival in Alabama.

Hauling motorcycles with a van

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New Paint

Well. After the stupid shop (never use Killa Cycles in Dallas for any custom work or paint) managed to not paint my stuff before Barber Vintage Festival (he had a month). I picked up my stuff the day before we were to leave in anger thinking I could do a quick rattle can job. A friend from Do The Ton invited me out to his work to use his paint booth in the hopes that we could do something really quick.

We started by prepping the tank.. Did some minor body work, but didn’t do everything as it was meant to be a quick job and would be redone later. Just needed it for Barber. He shot the primer and then a few coats of black. Then he suggested we throw some of the orange candy I had from paint I got to redo the scallop. (it was matched to the frame perfectly).

This has a great deal of pearl in it so I had some concerns, but thought, hey it will probably look awesome. Black with an orange sheen.

He walked out of the paint booth, eyes wide, and said, “There’s a little more than orange pearl in that…..” I walked in and looked at it… Sure enough, it was lots of different colors. It was subtle but, along came the clear coat and BAM. The color just exploded off the tank. So.. now I have a chameleon paint job. One that is seriously growing on me….

Thanks so much Kit for the HUGE bailout.

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