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Motor and Wheels

So another pretty common question going around the Beemerverse is, “What spine lube do I use?” The most common answer: Honda Moly 60. You can get this stuff at pretty much any Honda bike dealership. Funny story… I went in and grabbed some and the guy behind the counter was like… “What do you people do with this stuff? You BMW guys… ” Because apparently BMW owners come into this store all the time and buy this stuff. I explained what it was and why it’s delicious.

Anyway, I threw it on my clutch spline and final drive/wheel spline.

Applying Honda Moly 60 to Final Drive

Applying Honda Moly 60 to Wheel Spline

We got the motor back in the frame, (sans oil pan… that would have been difficult (read: impossible)). I threw the new oil pan gasket on there and bolted it all back down. So looking forward to not having a leaky bike.

Installing R65 Oil Pan

And this is how she sits.

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Frame Job

Exciting News! I’ve just picked my frame up from Custom Powder Coating. The color I went with is Bomber Orange. It’s one of the coolest powders I’ve ever seen. It has a gold sparkle to the finish. Just beautiful.

You can see the detail in the highlights are just amazing.

I also re-shaped my seat a little and threw it on the frame with the fiberglass tailpiece and the new tank I scored on eBay.

Tonight I also played around with my old tank. The new tank is going to be taken to a guy that does a lot of custom bike work. They will be cutting and welding new knee inserts and painting everything. I used tape to shape up the new knee inserts, and painted. This is pretty close to I want, except I want it to be a little rounder at the front of the dent (this was hard to do with tape).

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eBay Goodies

Today I got a few things in from eBay. I’ve mentioned countless times this bike was in a scary state when I bought it. One of the most annoying things that has persisted through most of my changes since I started fixing it up is the Yamaha master cylinder and throttle. This thing drove me crazy, but it’s been a real challenge finding a suitable replacement. Throttles aren’t that difficult to find, but the master cylinder…. that’s another story. I’m sure I could have made do with a number of possible finds I’ve encountered, but ultimately I wanted the correct master cylinder with the correct plunger for the dual disc front.

Well, the other day I lucked out. I managed to find a complete throttle and master cylinder assembly in perfect working order. It even came with the switch. I’m pretty sure I paid half what this whole assembly cost me JUST for the switch assembly a while back. If you’re in need of one, shoot me an email. Otherwise, all my leftover parts will probably go on ebay when I wrap the project up.

Now, if finding a much sought after part at a good price wasn’t enough…. I also managed to get a tank in REALLY good shape. These aren’t that uncommon. I’ve yet to find a perfect one on ebay, but For the most part, you can find a tank for around 180 bucks. I managed to score this little gem for about 20. I don’t know how I managed to get so lucky, but I’m not arguing.

This tank will have knee dents cut and welded into it as soon as I decide on a shop.

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Fiberglass Cafe Tailpiece

[UPDATE] This post is a little out of date and doesn’t as much apply to my project anymore. To learn to create your won cafe racer seat / tailpiece, check out:

Probably one of the most significant and most distinguishing pieces of the cafe racer is it’s seat and tailpiece. I mention quite often that the bike was in rough shape when i bought it. There were quite a few things that were frankenlopped on there. There was one thing on the bike that I quite liked and that was the old tailpiece. Best I can tell, someone cut a sportster tank in half, and welded it to the subframe. It had a little reshaping as well. This look was actually the model for what I want to do with the gas tank. I’ll get more into that later on, but for now, I’m working on a few ideas with that tailpiece. Fiberglass Style.

I had the shop that fixed my subframe up cut that tailpiece off.

I started out just like I did when I created my seat pan. I covered the tailpiece with metal duct tape.

Next I threw on a few coats of wax. This will (hopefully) keep the resin from sticking to the tailpiece.

I cut up some fiberglass strips. Little tip here. Keep them small. That’s the only way you’ll get a good smooth coverage.

Apply resin. Apply fiberglass. Repeat. For the final step I used the nicer mesh cloth. This is more of a softer nylon mesh that goes over the top and smooths it all out.

Let it sit for like 24-36 hours. Then slide (read: twist, bend, pull, torch, pry, swear, and spike) the newly-formed fiberglass creation from it’s host.

And there you have it! I’ll post more about the tailpiece later, as I want to try a few things first.

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