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I feel like my electrical system hates me. To the max. So even with the updated charging system, the bike is still acting wonky. I put the bike on a battery tender quite often. And I really never have a problem with it dying. (Altho it has been running funny for a while and making an airy sound). It’s just when I plug it into my battery tender, I’ve noticed it will build up to the green indicator (charged), and then after a while it will be back at flashing red (charging)… Just curious i threw the voltimeter on the battery and noticed there is a drain… But then… it stopped.. at 10.5 volts… I turned on the headlight and drained it a bit and then turned it off.. it creeped back up to 10.5… So I throw it back on the tender for about a minute.. unplugged and metered. dropping… dropping… dropping… 10.5.. holding…

I contacted the Triumph dealership in Plano. They immediately blamed the battery tender… (the one they sold me)… they advised that I contact Deltran and see if they will replace the tender AND the battery… of course they wouldn’t replace the battery… I even plugged the tender into an old battery (that I suspected was bad back when my charging system wasn’t working because of that stupid bulb).. and it charged the battery just fine.

So now I’m calling the Truimph / BMW place tomorrow to see what they can do. Also I can’t find the receipt. (it’s 3 months old i think?)

Update – September 29, 2010

New battery. Working Perfectly. The bike is starting a LOT stronger too.

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Rubberband Man

I knew I’d been needing to get a new back tire, but the other day, as a friend and I were leaving Chik-fil-a, I noticed I REALLY, REALLY needed a new back tire.. like… really….

So I ordered a set of Bridgestone Battalax BT-45 tires.

My first reaction to them (since I’ve never had brand new motorcycle tires before) was, “WOW!”… It felt like they LITERALLY stuck to the road. Even simply wiggling the bars slightly made the whole bike shimmy, whereas before I imagine the front tire probably just slid. The crazy thing is, the old front tire still had plenty of tread, but it was a completely different feeling with that new tire.

It has certainly inspired a bit more confidence.

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EnDuraLast Charging System – Update

Well it’s been about 3 weeks since I installed the EnDuraLast charging system on the R65. So far It’s worked like a charm. I still put my bike on the tender every few days as my short commute to work is just not quite enough to keep the battery healthy. So if you’re out there on an older airhead, and still rocking the stock charging system, you should consider spending a few bones on this guy. One less thing to worry about on our ancient bikes.

EnDuraLast FTW!

EnDuraLast Charging System – Install
Charging System Revisited
Charging Issues Resolved (not really)

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